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The EB Influence Group
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Were on a mission to empower. inspire.innovate

Were a creative marketing agency that crafts ideas, strategies, campaigns, & branding for the most meaningful causes. WE UNVEIL A BRANDS COMPELLING AUTHENTICITY TO BUILD BETTER MORE PURPOSEFUL BRANDS and accelerate their growth and impact.


The Team

Estefany Benedith is the Founder and HWIC (Head Woman in charge) of Project Strategy & Digital Marketing at The EB Influence Group.  She started the EB Influence group in 2015 and has since built a dedicated and dynamic team to help her keep things aligned. She gets her gratification by helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams create business goals and strategies that keep their businesses growing.

At The EB Influence Group, Estefany offers team-based participation, in-depth strategy, and a passionate, take-charge squad of women who are specialist in their field and available to pitch in on any project you want to kickoff.

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Digital marketing is not just about social media. It is important for entrepreneurs and small business owners to quickly adapt to these changes. The digital world comprises content marketing, social media, email marketing, targeting, advertisement, and a lot more. As a business owner, you must only invest in tools and platforms that make sense for your business and services. Without the right kind of digital marketing, your business does not stand a very good chance. With the evolution of digital marketing methodologies and tactics, staying abreast of changes is crucial.


“Life - fulfilling work is never about the money — when you feel true passion for something, you instinctively find ways to nurture it. ”



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Get Inspired

There are so many ways to get inspired. Here at the EB Influence we want to teach you  to do something and tap into your potential as a leader.  Immerse you into learning something new and allow yourself to forget about the limitations of time. Create a vision and assist you in brainstroming ideas for a new project. Think about the challenges you face and identify possible solutions . Our goal is to make sure you're equipped with resources to succeed no matter the ups or downs. 

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